Cedar Park Jewelry Repair

When you want to get a valuable piece of jewelry repaired in Cedar Park or the Austin area… you want someone who will do the job fast and most importantly do the job right!  Come see George Poe and team at Ranch Road Jewelry in Cedar Park with in-house Jewelry Repair that sometimes means that your jewelry will be fixed while you wait!  Looking for watch batteries or link adjustments?  See us for those too.  We take great care of your jewelry in the Cedar Park and Austin areas!

Don’t let just anyone handle your jewelry repairs…  George Poe (the one and only big loveable guy in the Hawaiian shirts) has been taking excellent care of his customers jewelry for over 40 years!

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Fast Reliable Jewelry Repair Cedar Park, Austin, Round Rock, Georgetown, Lakeway, Leander

Cedar Park & Austin Jewelry Repair

Ranch Road Jewelry in Cedar Park, Texas offers the best jewelry repair services at the most affordable rates.  You’re going to love how well and how fast George and his team will fix your valuable jewelry!  And if can’t be fixed… we will buy it!

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Cedar Park Jewelry Cleaning

Ranch Road Jewelry offers cleaning and inspection services for free daily. So come see George Poe for your free jewelry cleaning and inspections at the one and only Ranch Road Jewelry in Cedar Park, Texas.

Cedar Park Clasp Repair

Cedar Park & Austin Clasp Repair

Ranch Road Jewelry Clasp Repair service is an easy and fast service. Come into our store, and we can usually fix it within minutes. Ranch Road Jewelry is a very well equipped jewelry repair shop and always has in-house jewelers which means you can often get it while you wait.

Cedar Park Jewelry Repair service

Quality Chain Repair in Cedar Park

At Ranch Road Jewelry, we offer the best chain repair services for your jewelry chains and necklaces. Our certified Jewelers will make sure that your chains are properly repaired. All our repairs are made in-house, we are a full service Cedar Park jewelry repair shop.

Ring Resizing in Cedar Park

Ranch Road Jewelry offers in-store ring-sizing, with a certified jeweler always there to help. In addition, Ranch Road Jewelry offers fast service for your ring re-sizing. So whether it’s an engagement ring or another ring you love to wear, this Cedar Park Jewelry store can make sure it’s properly sized in-store.

Best Jewelry Repair in Cedar Park

Come into Ranch Road Jewelry for fast and reliable jewelry repair.  Cedar Park and Austin Jewelry repairs are usually fast enough so you can walk out with your jewelry.  Need watch repair, chain repair, clasp repair, ring-sizing, come on it to our new store on 1400 E. Whitestone in Cedar Park.

Quality Prong Repair in Cedar Park

Ranch Road Jewelry offers the highest quality prong repair services for your rings. When in constant use, the prongs on rings can sometimes become worn and damaged, causing the gemstone to fall out. At Ranch Road Jewelry, we offer repair services to fix this issue so your diamonds will not fall out.

Stone Resetting in Cedar Park

Ranch Road Jewelry offers stone resetting. When prongs get damaged, your diamonds can fall out, and this causes you to lose one or multiple diamonds.  Ranch Road Jewelry offers fast service with stone resetting and quality work, so your stone doesn’t fall out in the future.

Free Ring Cleaning Cedar Park

Ranch Road Jewelry offers free ring cleaning and free ring inspections every day. Come in, and we will clean and inspect your ring in just minutes. Why do you need a ring inspection? Your prongs can become worn and need repair in time, which can cause diamonds to fall out, and our free jewelry inspections prevent this from happening.